Have you ever considered the negatives of being a famous celebrity? (If you actually are one, congratulations! Can we get a follow?) How do they keep their sanity living under a microscope, particularly in the social media age? How do they stay relevant in such a rapidly changing world? And how do they meet new people? Most big-time celebrities employ very large bodyguards. Of course they do because they have a lot to lose and there are a lot of crazy people out there. But when you have your guard up 24/7, it doesn’t leave much opportunity for chance encounters and organic connections. Maybe that’s why so many celebs seem to go off the deep end, holed up in their mansions, secluded from the world, surrounded by entourages that enable destructive behavior. The healthiest famous people seem to be the ones who don’t lose touch with the real world. They move freely and act with little pretention — think Tom Hanks or Jamie Foxx. In a lot of ways, you are like a celebrity, and those that ring your phone are your legions of adoring fans. That would leave your phone’s call blocker as your bodyguard. The question, then, is how large and intimidating of a bodyguard do you need?

In this article, we cover:

In February of 2022, 3.8 billion robocalls were placed in the United States. Roughly 1.2 billion (32 percent) were scams. Another 900 million (24 percent) were from telemarketers. Among the telemarketing spam (the sixth highest volume robocaller of the month with nearly 7 million calls placed) was a purported debt collecting call that YouMail flagged as “high risk” — you can listen to the recordings here. The 13th highest volume robocaller in February, with just over 5 million calls placed, was a vehicle insurance scam (listen here).

All said and done, the average American received 12 robocalls during the shortest month of the year. An immense share of those calls hit the South, specifically every state in our top seven: South Carolina (22.3 robocalls per capita), Alabama (21.4 robocalls per capita), Tennessee (20.9), Louisiana (20.9), Arkansas (19.4), Georgia (18.7), and North Carolina (18.0). In other words, if you’re sick and tired of the barrage of robocalls you receive day in and day out, you’re definitely not alone. And no one would blame you for seeking out the maximum protection from unwanted calls possible — the “most yoked bodyguard” you can find (bonus points if he or she knows Jiu-Jitsu too).

Obviously, we at YouMail are happy to oblige. We protect more than 350 million phone numbers, have answered well over 10 billions calls, and stopped more than a billion robocalls. If you want to lock down your lines like Fort Knox, we got you.

We also know that not every solution is one-size-fits-all. While maximum call blocking may be warranted for the introvert who rarely uses his or her smartphone for the actual phone part, there are lots of extraverts out there whose phone might as well be a party line. Or perhaps they are entrepreneurs or small business owners whose very existence relies on constant phone communications. Those people could potentially sacrifice far more by tightening up their call filter. If you’ve thought that you’d like to block the spam and scams but simply cannot afford to risk missing an important call, we got you too.

Smart call blocking with YouMail Smart Blocking

Because everyone’s situation is unique like a snowflake, YouMail offers three levels of call blocking protection.

  • Standard: This is basic security. We block known spammers flagged by our directory only. With standard protection, the worst known offenders are blocked from ever reaching you.
  • Maximum: Though it may sound like this is the highest level of protection, it isn’t quite (more on that in a moment). “Maximum” security blocks known and suspected spammers in our directory from reaching you. There’s always going to be a brief period early in the life of a specific robocall’s history where we’re pretty sure the number is turning into a real problem, but it’s only trending that way. If you are certain you want no part of suspected security threats, go ahead and switch on maximum protection.
  • Contacts only: This is the real peak of call blocking. No one gets through unless you know them from your contacts list. For some people, this is totally fine. “If I don’t know you, I don’t need to hear from you.” On the other hand, like the secluded celebrity, it leaves no opportunity for chance encounters or organic connections — at least not over the phone. Is your car being towed? The tow service won’t be able to reach you. A prospective employer reaching out to schedule an interview. You might miss that too. “Contacts only” pretty much the nuclear option in call blocking.

To turn on YouMail’s Smart Blocking, you just need to adjust your call blocking setting in YouMail, which is really simple.

  1. Go into the YouMail app
  2. Tap Settings — the gear icon at the bottom-right
  3. Tap Blocking under “Missed Call Handling”
  4. In Protection Settings, select your preferred call blocking security level from Smart Blocking Level
  5. You can also choose to Disable smart blocking altogether, which allows you to manually manage which calls you choose to block yourself

It’s that easy. If you’re ready to select the call blocking security level of your choice, it’s as simple as getting started with YouMail today.

Don’t wait. Get YouMail’s Smart Blocking now!

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5 thoughts on “Call Blocker Working Too Well? Find Out Which Setting You Should Adjust to Receive Important Calls

  1. The steps given on this page are inaccurate. So to get 1 important number to come through without being sent to my voice-mail I have to disable all off the protection. Why am I paying for this when having to disable all the settings to get 1 number through and if I turn the setting back on they just go straight to VM. The lack of help with this app is a joke. Definitely won’t be renewing my subscription.

    1. Can you please contact support.youmail.com – you can live chat or you can see the toll-free number to talk to the team? Paid users have access to live support that’s committed to make sure paid users have a great experience. We’d like to walk you through the steps and better understand what’s happening. It’s really important that if you have a particular number to get through you whitelist it as a YouMail contact. But let’s see – and if there’s a problem with the instructions, we’re happy to fix.

  2. With my new YouMail. I have contacts that are getting sent straight to voicemail and another that can’t even dial my number anymore. Ugh, this sucks. Note: I’m using free service but now knowing I shouldn’t go further to paid subscription If I can’t correct this issue. I found these instructions: Tap Settings — the gear icon at the bottom-right
    Tap Blocking under “Missed Call Handling”…I see no option listed as “Missed Call Handling” PS i have imported all my contacts but this didn’t help. Also 2 of these contacts phone numbers come up under a business. HELP

  3. This article is so out of date it’s not even funny. None of these options or directions even apply anymore since there no longer is “Smart blocking”.
    I have a paid membership myself, and the only options under settings that has to do with call blocking or filtering, is “Protection Settings”. Under that the only options are Screen Unknown Callers, Automatically block these callers, & How to handle blocked callers. The only option in there with a different menu under it is the one labeled as “Automatically block these callers”. Under that the options are Block known spammers, Block International Numbers, Block unknown local numbers, block number ranges, & lastly Block Private numbers.

    However Youmail is still blocking some of my calls that aren’t flagged as a known spammer, isn’t an international number, isn’t a local number (however it was a number I didn’t recognize & don’t have saved in my phone). I also don’t have any blocked number ranges, and it wasn’t a private number either. Which begs the question why would Youmail have blocked the calls at all.

    So like I said this articles informatio1n is out of date, and therefore you can’t rely on what it says to be true, or even work anymore. Plus I’m pretty sure, unless they changed something recently then you can’t even use call blocking features unless you have a paid membership in the first place.

    1. Smart blocking is what it does by default. It maintains a list of the top spam numbers and blocks all of them automatically by suppressing your ringer and sending them to a spam folder if they happen to leave a message.

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