In today’s day and age of increased hybrid and remote work, it’s important to maintain a high level of security. One way to do just that is through a virtual phone system, which allows you to add a brand new phone line to your current mobile device. With YouMail, you can choose any area code and even completely customize your virtual number. You can share the number with your friends, family, clients and employees, separating your personal number from any business communication. As we mentioned in our September blog How to Protect Your Personal Information With a Virtual Phone Number, a virtual phone line proactively protects you and helps to quickly bucket calls into safe and unsafe. Pair it with your landline or cell number to more effectively manage your calls. If you set up your virtual phone number as your business line, you will know that if you receive a call on it in which the caller is angling for personal information, they’re probably trying to phish you.

In this article, we cover:

How to get a virtual phone number

Adding a new virtual phone number is easy. Simply create an account with YouMail, enter your preferred area code and instantly view available numbers that you can reserve. Then, pick your number and choose the best YouMail plan that works for you. You can start with just one number or add up to 15 virtual numbers for your entire team. It all starts with our easy-to-use number picker.

Getting an extraordinary virtual number allows you to…

  • Look LOCAL (choose the exact area code that you want)
  • Create BRAND AWARENESS (create a memorable virtual number like XXX-YYY-LAWN)
  • Enhance PRIVACY & PROTECTION (securely separate business from personal calls on the same phone)

Virtual phone numbers are lines that aren’t tied to a physical location or SIM card. Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) is one such virtual phone number. You may have one at your job, where you have been de-tethered from your desk phone in favor of a virtual line that you can answer anytime, anywhere, usually using an app.

How a virtual number works

Once you have a virtual phone number with YouMail, you can start sharing it with your network. You can send and receive calls and text immediately, with all communication sending right to your current cell phone. You even get dedicated voicemail storage for your virtual phone number, keeping work messages separated from voicemail left by friends and family.

In our aforementioned blog from September, we noted that virtual phone numbers are really quite brilliant because they’re always on you, they allow you to place and receive phone calls, and include voicemail and text messaging. There is also no requirement to hardwire a virtual phone number to a specific location. Virtual phone numbers can be accessed from most devices, regardless if the user is team Apple, team Android, team Mac, or team Windows. If you want a virtual line, all you need to do is set up a username and password. Done. Virtual phone numbers are even more versatile than cell numbers in that they aren’t tethered to a SIM card.

Why you need a virtual number for maximum security

When you add a new virtual phone number with YouMail, your business will instantly look more professional. You can also look local anywhere, with options to add any area code you’d like. Plus, you’ll instantly know whether you’re receiving a business or personal call from an unknown number. It’s the easiest and most affordable way to start growing your business today.

YouMail offers virtual phone numbers with many benefits. Our services include a strong call blocker that eliminates robocallers, reliable caller ID, ultra-customizable voicemail greetings, cloud-based visual voicemail, and more.

If you’re ready to create a virtual number, there’s no better time to start than right now. Sign up for a YouMail Professional Plan today.

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