Although it may be unknown to many, getting a free state phone number for your business is both accessible and important. According to a recent blog from, “a business phone number gives your company credibility, increases brand recognition, and allows you and your team members to keep personal phone numbers private.” In doing so, you’ll be able to grow your company and improve both customer service and satisfaction. Having said that, how do you know where to begin?

In this article, we cover:

The importance of getting a free state phone number for your business

Getting a local state phone number for your business comes with a multitude of benefits. For one, it creates an aura of trust for your business that makes local customers feel comfortable. In addition, it allows your business to establish a local presence, offers both calling and texting, and lets you separate work and personal calls.

According to, “people take a lot of pride in their communities and like to support local businesses. The first thing someone will notice when you call is the area you are calling from. If they see their own area code, then you will have established a valuable connection before even talking to them by showing them that you are a part of the same community.”

How to get a free state phone number

With YouMail, you can add a complete second phone line for your business right to your current mobile device. You can choose a local area code and phone number. Once created, customers can call your new number directly and even receive a custom voicemail greeting. Your primary number will continue to function normally, while the new number receives texts, calls and voicemails.

You are able to enhance your business today by simply downloading the free YouMail app in the App Store or Google Play Store. Then, choose and add your business phone number through the app. You can add multiple business phone lines and even customize your number to market your business.

What a free state phone number can do for your business

Imagine knowing when a call is personal or business the moment your phone rings. YouMail’s cheap business phone line allows you to receive calls to multiple phone numbers, all on one mobile device. You can keep your dedicated personal line, while operating multi line state phone systems for your small business. Best of all, your messages will be stored in one unified inbox.

According to, “the three digits at the beginning of your business phone number indicate to customers where your company is based. This information can either help or potentially hinder your ability to establish a relationship with them.” Ultimately, a state phone enhances your professional look and work-life balance.

If you’re ready to upgrade your business and get a free state phone number, sign up for a YouMail Professional Plan today.

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