Assembling a productive and efficient team can be challenging. With the growth of remote teams and online workplaces, creating a professional business appearance can be a tricky endeavor. Having said that, one way to do this is by giving everyone on your team their own unique phone number. In our blog from February, we noted that “when you use a virtual line as a second phone number, you can make and receive calls, send and receive texts, on one mobile phone without having to reveal your main phone number.” This is “ideal if you want to separate your work and personal life without having to use a second physical phone.” In doing so, you are able to select the area code of your unique phone number so your business can appear more professional.

In this article, we cover:

The importance of everyone on your team having their own number

Giving everyone on your team their own number provides your business with a number of benefits. Our aforementioned blog noted that you need a dedicated second phone number if

  • you want to separate work and personal conversations on one phone
  • you want to keep your personal number private
  • you don’t want to carry two phones
  • you want to answer work calls professionally when you’re not available

You can also start looking after your work-life balance. The Another Number app comes with a built-in switchboard, allowing you to professionally silence, with dedicated greetings, incoming work calls and texts during meetings, your free time, days off and holidays.

How to get everyone their own phone number

With Another Number through YouMail, getting everyone their own, unique number couldn’t be easier. Your team members will be up and running with their virtual numbers in seconds: there is no waiting for activation or delivery. It’s ready to go as soon as they sign-up and choose their number (or you can choose their numbers for them). As an individual, all you need to do is download our second phone number app for iPhone, sign up and you’re ready to go.

What unique phone numbers can do for your business

With a unique phone number, you can do everything you can do with your main number, in a beautifully designed app. With Another Number, all your work-related calls, texts, IM’s and voicemails between you and your work contacts are in one place, in one powerful conversational view with contextual search. Plus, your voicemails are transcribed to text by our award winning YouMail Visual Voicemail Technology. Another Number uniquely offers the choice of making and receiving calls depending on your situation, using your existing mobile network when on the move and VoIP in those places your mobile network doesn’t reach.

If you’re ready to give everyone on your team their own unique phone number, sign up for Another Number today.

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