It seems that robocallers and spammers are able to reach your phone way too freely nowadays. asserts that “billions of robocalls are made each month worldwide, and they are widely seen as a nuisance. Technology makes it cheap and easy for telemarketers and scammers to make robocalls over the internet, which is why they are so prevalent.” Due to the cheap nature and significant upside of spammers making robocalls, we’re bound to be pestered with these harassing calls on a daily basis. Thus, it’s in your best interest to do everything in your power to prevent these types of bad actors from reaching your phone. Fortunately, YouMail has your back with its new call screening feature, which guarantees 100% protection from robocalls.

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What is call screening?

Call screening forces unrecognized callers to get through an audio captcha before they can ring your phone.  This forces these unknown callers to press a couple of keys to prove they are human.  This allows YouMail to detect and screen unknown callers, which provides you with protection from all robocallers and spammers looking to steal your private information.

Why get call screening with YouMail?

Call screening blocks unwanted calls and messages, providing you with customized protection and eliminating 100% of all robocallers.  When YouMail knows it’s a spammer, it won’t let them ring, and can play an out-of-service message to get you taken off of lists. Optional features include treating international numbers, local numbers, and unexposed numbers like known spammers as well.

How to get call screening from YouMail

When you add call screening with YouMail, you will immediately protect your personal information and identity from bad actors. You’ll instantly know which callers are legitimate and which are not through our audio captcha feature. It’s the easiest and most affordable way to start protecting yourself from spammers today.

To get call screening on your phone, download YouMail Plus today.

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9 thoughts on “YouMail launches call screening for 100% robocall protection

    1. If you wish support for YouMail, free user support is self serve at Paid users can live chat (recommended) or call the number they find there. Thank you, and we look forward to helping you.

  1. Awesome! Just enabled this game-changing feature! It’s like a guard dog. Ain’t no one getting in the house. LOL
    Already screened several calls!

  2. If the scammer has to prove themself then how believable is the “disconnect” msg. Doesn’t that make it onvious they’re blocked by those you don’t want to be bothered with but aren’t obocalls?

    1. Known scammers don’t have to prove themselves – they go straight to the disconnect message.

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