With all the noise out there, so many people (including spammers) trying to reach you, and a lot going on in work and personal lives, it can be challenging and time consuming trying to not only answer every phone call but also listen to each voicemail. With that said, there are apps out there that allow you to streamline voicemail access through visual receipt. Visual voicemail allows you to see who left you messages and then play or read voicemail in any order. You choose what to listen to and which messages to delete or save, while effortlessly calling or texting people back. It is the fastest way to get through your voice messages – period.

In this article, we cover:

The details on voicemail apps

There are many different voicemail apps on the market that offer a number of unique features, including visual voicemail transcriptions (voicemail-to-text and voicemail-to-email), custom greetings, voicemail forwarding, and more. While not every app offers all of these features, there are certain apps that do so more than others. For example, YouMail’s voicemail technology puts innovative voicemail technology in the palm of your hand and allows you to store all messages right in the cloud. Plus, YouMail protects your phone from scammers by stopping robocalls and filtering out scam voicemails from your inbox. With YouMail’s voicemail app, you can take control of your phone and voicemail access. This gives you more time to get back to the things you love.

What a quality voicemail app can do for you

Having a quality voicemail app on your phone can do a lot for both your personal and professional life. Ultimately, it allows you to streamline and enhance your communication experience with friends and colleagues. For example, businessnewsdaily.com cites YouMail and notes that it provides users with the ability to access your voicemail from any device through the cloud and hold conference calls. A Professional account has additional business-centric features, including unified voicemail for multiple phones, auto-reply, call routing, and the ability to record greetings.” Perhaps the greatest and most effective feature is the use of visual voicemail through transcriptions. This allows you to view voicemail on-the-go and when you have limited time.

How to get a good voicemail app on your phone

Getting a good voicemail app on your phone is simple and necessary. In your personal life, you can communicate quicker and more effectively with the right voicemail app. In business, responding to customer needs quickly is the fastest way to grow your company. With YouMail’s visual voicemail and forwarding service, you ensure that your team is on top of every issue and incoming calls are returned as promptly as possible. 

While there are many visual voicemail apps today, YouMail offers an industry-leading experience that’s accessible on any device. Whether you’re working on your computer, phone or tablet, YouMail delivers the highest-quality voicemail to text or email, so you can read your voicemail and not just listen to it. YouMail’s visual voicemail also automatically recognizes and filters out spam voicemails to protect your privacy. YouMail will even serve robocallers with an “out of service message,” which convinces them that your number is no longer working.

To get quality voicemail features on your phone, download YouMail today.

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