As e-commerce continues to grow and more people shop online, the possibility of dealing with a spammer becomes even more profound. One example is Synchrony Bank Card spam, which tries to get callers to sign up for the credit card. In doing so, it attempts to get people to give out private information, which can put their identity, money, and time at risk. This can be quite dangerous, and if people are not alert to potential spammers, they might create a world of frustration for themselves and their families.

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The details of Synchrony Bank Card spam

The Synchrony Bank Card spam tries to con people into signing up for the credit card. In the process, the spammers hope to obtain private information from the victim, which can put them in a vulnerable and unwanted position. The most called locations for this spam call so far have been Texas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, California. The most tracked numbers for this spam call are (972) 512-3474, (770) 283-1530, (800) 292-7508, (913) 242-3730, and (330) 280-5882.

Actual audio of Synchrony Bank Amazon Card scam call

“This is a message from Synchrony Bank regarding store card. Please return our call to 1-866-771-1104. For faster service, visit our website at Our mailing address is 170 West Election Road, Suite 125, Draper, Utah 84020. Again, please call 1-866-771-1104. This is a recording. Thank you.

Why the Synchrony Bank Card spam is a nuisance

The Synchrony Bank Card spam is a nuisance because its goal is to get innocent people to sign up for a service whether they want to or not. Since many people did not sign up to be contacted for this type of solicitation, it can put them in vulnerable and risky positions since they are revealing personal information in the process. Ultimately, this can put your hard-earned money at risk, not to mention your time and safety as well.

How to protect yourself from Synchrony Bank Card spam

Protecting yourself from the Synchrony Bank Card spam is easier than you think. If you’re suspicious about an unknown caller, the best course of action is to ignore it. Otherwise, you might be roped into giving up private information. You’ll also want to consider downloading a call blocking app such as YouMail, which offers you protection from bad actors and those looking to steal your personal information. This can keep both you and your family out of harm’s way.

To protect yourself from the Synchrony Bank Card spam, download YouMail today.

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