YouMail’s Robocall Index estimates that there were 4.5 billion robocalls made in January of 2023. That’s over 145 million per day, which can put people in vulnerable positions. With spammers constantly reaching out to you with unwanted calls and solicitations, it’s important now more than ever to protect yourself. The Citibank Payment Reminder spam is one that you should be aware of.

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The details of the Citibank Payment Reminder spam

The Citibank Payment Reminder spam, which prompts the user to review their Sears Citibank Card Account, may be an unwanted call for many people. As customers interact with the spammer, they are at risk of potentially giving up their online banking username, password, and verification code. This could potentially lead to a loss of both time and money.

Why Citibank Payment Reminder spam is a nuisance

The Citibank Payment Reminder spam can steal your time and take you away from things you love most. If you don’t want to be contacted by Citibank for these types of reminders, you can easily protect yourself. In addition, the longer you interact with a spammer, the more vulnerable you could become. As you start to reveal private information, such as usernames and passwords, the potential for theft becomes real.

How to protect yourself from the Citibank Payment Reminder spam

Downloading and using a reliable spam call blocking app like YouMail will protect you from spam calls like the Citibank Payment Reminder. Not only is YouMail’s robocall detection and blocking free, but it also offers a variety of other features to make your life easier. Not only does YouMail block robocalls, it also notifies the correct authorities and puts spammers out of business for good.

To protect yourself from the Citibank Payment Reminder spam, download YouMail today.

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