In times like these, money can be tight. People are often clambering for new jobs or raises in order to make ends meet. Unfortunately, scammers are always looking to make money as well. Fraudsters employ a variety of techniques to deceive innocent victims. The Georgia Power & Electric Disconnection scam is a brand impersonation scam set up to take users’ personal information.

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The details of the Georgia Power & Electric Scam

The Georgia Power & Electric Scam impersonates a disconnection alert from Georgia Power. It informs the user that their electricity is scheduled to be turned off in the next 30 minutes. The user is prompted to press a number to speak to a Georgia Power representative. With a fraud score of 80, its most used numbers are 1-202-833-7500, 1-800-777-9898, 1-502-589-1444, 1-800-968-8243, and 1-305-447-2698. The most called location is Georgia.

Actual audio of a utilities fraud scam exploiting Georgia Power

“Greetings. This is an automated message from the disconnection department of Georgia Power electricity company to inform you that you will be experiencing disconnection of service today within 30 minutes. Due to non-payment on the account. Please contact…”

This same audio is used to exploit brands in other scams, such as the Tucson Electric Scam, the Burbank Water and Power Disconnection Scam, and the Tampa Bay Electric Scam.

Why the Georgia Power & Electric Scam is dangerous

The dangers of the Georgia Power & Electric Scam are quite apparent. For one, the scam is run by fraudsters who look to catch innocent people off guard. The goal of the scam is to steal personal information that can ultimately lead to identity or monetary theft, ultimately leaving people in unfavorable circumstances. The bad guys are creative when it comes to tricking people: they use a variety of techniques to get you to trust them before ultimately revealing private information that will leave you vulnerable to attack. As a result, protecting yourself with a spam call blocking app is a smart move.

Stop Robocalls

How to protect yourself from the Georgia Power & Electric Scam

With YouMail, you can protect your identity and privacy from the Georgia Power & Electric Scam. YouMail takes proactive measures to prevent scammers and fraudsters from catching you off guard, while also allowing calls from trusted sources to come through. You can comfortably resume your favorite activities with peace of mind, as your sensitive information and privacy are secure.

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