Data and analytics are important nowadays. With data driving decision-making on a daily basis, it’s critical for companies to gather as much data and feedback as possible in order to improve operations with the hopes of growing revenue. In doing so, organizations reach out to customers, clients, or patients in order to garner feedback and insight, which can then be turned into data. One such robocall that seeks to achieve this is the Kaiser Permanente Survey Spam Call.

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The details of the Kaiser Permanente Survey Spam

The Kaiser Permanente Survey call is a spam robocall that has been sent to millions of consumers. The robocall prompts users to press a number that will connect them with a specialist to take a short health survey. Since people have not opted in to receive this type of call, it is considered spam. The most called locations for this spam call so far have been California, Texas, Georgia, Virginia, and Florida while the most tracked numbers for this spam call are 1-888-590-5962, 1-470-956-480, 1-217-902-6720, 1-757-856-7000, and 1-612-672-1631.

Actual audio of a Kaiser Permanente Robocall Spam (Health Survey Spam Call)

Hello, this is Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center calling about your recent visit. If this is Ernest, press one. If not, press two. If we have reached the incorrect household, press three.

Why the Kaiser Permanente Survey Spam is a nuisance

The Kaiser Permanente Survey Spam Call is a nuisance because it takes time and energy out of your day. The robocall spam is structured around getting you to fill out a health survey whether you agreed to do it or not. Rather than being pestered and annoyed by spammers from Kaiser Permanente, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself.

How to protect yourself from the Kaiser Permanente Survey Spam

Fortunately, it’s quick and easy to protect yourself from the Kaiser Permanente Survey Spam Call. With a premium call blocking app like YouMail, you don’t have to worry about spammers and robocallers pestering you with annoying phone calls. You can live life spam-free without persuasion to fill out surveys or sign up for services in which you were not interested to begin with.

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