We’ve all been there before—you’re going about your daily life when all of a sudden you receive a call from an unknown number. Rather than overthinking it, you answer and are bombarded by a robocaller or spammer looking to steal your time or get you to sign up for a service. With so many distractions in your day-to-day life, the last thing you need is noise from outside spammers trying to catch you off guard.

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The details of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Spam

The Liberty Mutual Insurance call is a spam robocall that has been sent to millions of consumers. Ultimately, the robocall prompts users to press a number that will connect them with a specialist to review their auto quote, regardless of whether or not they signed up for the service. The most called locations for this spam call so far have been Georgia, New York, Texas, North Carolina, and Ohio. The most tracked numbers for this spam call are (617) 658-4204, (406) 426-9505, (480) 608-4533, (860) 406-3194, (513) 443-1846.

Actual audio of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Spam

Hello, this is Liberty Mutual. It’s been a few days since you requested an auto insurance quote. Do you still need help? If so, we are ready to review your quote now. To get started now, press one. Press two to schedule a call for later. To opt out, press nine.

Why the Liberty Mutual Insurance Spam is a nuisance

The Liberty Mutual Insurance Spam is a nuisance because it spams multiple customers who never signed up for the service, just like other telemarketing calls. In doing so, unsuspecting people are robbed of their time and energy to deal with this type of spam call whether they’re interested in the service or not.

How to protect yourself from the Liberty Mutual Insurance Spam

Spammers are out there and are bound to find your contact information one way or another. According to YouMail’s Robocall Index, there were 4.5 billion robocalls made in January of 2023. With that said, you don’t have to let spammers take away your time. Protecting yourself from spam calls and robocallers who are looking to take away your time is quick and easy. You can simply download one of YouMail’s plans, which will not only protect your privacy but will also make your life easier with a host of other features, such as visual voicemail, caller ID, voicemail greetings, and more.

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To protect yourself from the Liberty Mutual Insurance Spam, download YouMail today.

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