In the digital age, our phones have become our lifelines, connecting us with loved ones, business opportunities, and a wealth of information. But lurking in the shadows of this modern convenience are cunning scammers and automated robocalls, ready to disrupt our peace and prey on unsuspecting victims. Today, we uncover the issue of spam calls, focusing on the SBA Loan Repayment Spam Call as a prominent example. We discuss its specific tactics and the impact it has had on many people in the United States, revealing the riskier side of communication in the digital age.

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The details of the SBA Loan Repayment Spam Call

The US Small Business Administration Loan Repayment Spam Robocall has become a widespread issue affecting numerous consumers across the United States. This spam robocall is designed to resemble a collections call from the SBA, urging recipients to either log into their account or contact a representative to settle a payment on their corporate loan. According to YouMail’s Robocall Index, the SBA Loan Repayment Spam Call holds the rank of #3 among the top 100 robocalls sent in April 2023. The spam call was first detected on April 4th, 2023, at 10:18:39, and the most frequently targeted locations include Texas, California, Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina. The two primary phone numbers associated with this spam call are +8338535638 and +13146497627.

Actual audio of the SBA Loan Collection Spam Robocall

“This is an official call from the US Small Business administration regarding outstanding loan payments on your corporate auto loan. Please log in to your My SBA Loan Portal at to create an account and pay the past due balance in full. If you have further questions about your loan or need additional assistance, you may contact the SBA customer service center at 833-853-5638. Thank you.”

Why the SBA Loan Repayment Spam Call is a nuisance

The SBA Loan Repayment Spam Call has garnered a notorious reputation due to its intrusive nature and deceptive tactics. Not only does it impersonate the US Small Business Administration, but it preys on recipients’ concerns about their corporate loans. By mimicking a collections call, the scammers instill a sense of urgency and fear, compelling individuals to take immediate action. The call instructs recipients to either log into their My SBA Loan Portal or contact a supposed SBA representative to settle their outstanding loan payments. However, the truth is that this call is nothing more than a clever ploy to extract personal information or financial details from unsuspecting victims. The SBA Loan Repayment Spam Call has become a nuisance not only because of its frequency but also because of the potential harm it can cause to those who fall prey to its fraudulent tactics.

How to protect yourself from the SBA Loan Repayment Spam Call

To protect yourself from the relentless SBA Loan Repayment Spam Call and its deceptive tactics, it’s essential to take proactive measures. One effective solution is to utilize YouMail, a trusted call-blocking and voicemail service that provides robust protection against spam calls. YouMail identifies and blocks spam calls, including the SBA Loan Repayment Spam Call, before they can disrupt your peace. With features like personalized voicemail greetings and call filtering, YouMail empowers you to regain control over your phone and safeguard your personal information. By leveraging YouMail’s reliable defense against spam calls, you can navigate the digital landscape with confidence and shield yourself from the nuisances posed by fraudulent schemes like the SBA Loan Repayment Spam Call.

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  1. From +1 (833) 853-5638 NEVER HAD A LOAN

    “This is an important message from the US small business administration regarding the status of your COVID-19 economic injury disaster loan. According to our records your loan is delinquent and if it is not procurrent by March 3, 20 2 4, your loan may be referred to the US department of the treasury for collection. If action is not taken immediately, you may accrue additional fees and interest as well as other collection efforts. You are eligible to enroll in a hardship, accommodation plan, and make reduce payments to bring your loan current and avoid further collection efforts You can sign up for the hardship accommodation plan on my SBA loan portal at lending . sba .gov your one stop shop for payments and loan information additional information on how to manage your Covid id account can be found at www. sba .gov / pay Miscommunication is not intended to collect outstanding debts from individuals or entities currently undergoing bankruptcy proceedings proceedings If you have questions, please contact us at 8 3 3- 8 5 3- 5 6 3 8 Thank you for your time“

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