Are you tired of constantly being bombarded with annoying spam calls even if they are legitimate offers? We feel your pain, and that’s why we’re back with another Robocall Spam of the Week. This time, we’re shining a spotlight on the infamous ‘Keith from FedEx Improving Discounts’ spam call that’s been making its rounds. While it may sound like a promising opportunity at first, let’s remember that we didn’t give Keith our number in the first place. So, let’s dive in and uncover the details of this business spam call that’s hitting the inbox of many unsuspecting recipients.

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The details of the FedEx Improving Discounts Spam Call

First detected on Apr 27th, 2022, the FedEx Improving Discounts Robocall has become an unwanted and nuisance call. In this spam call, an automated message from “Keith” at FedEx, expressing interest in learning about the recipient’s business and shipping processes to offer improved discounts. The call provides a callback number, 1-844-200-4582, but recipients are advised to exercise caution and avoid responding to such calls to protect themselves from potential nuisances and unwanted solicitations.

Actual audio of the FedEx Improving Discounts Spam Call

“Hi my name is Keith with FedEx. I wanted to speak to you about your business and learn more about your shipping process to see about improving discounts. At your earliest convenience, please give me a call back at 1-844-200-4582. Thank you for choosing FedEx and have a great day.”

Why the FedEx Improving Discounts Spam Call is a nuisance

The FedEx Improving Discounts Spam Call has become a significant annoyance for recipients due to its unsolicited and automated nature. The robocall claims to be from FedEx, offering improved discounts for the recipient’s business, but its repetitive and persistent calls have become a pesky disruption. Even though the call may be legitimate, the automated approach makes it difficult for recipients to engage with a real person and assess the offer’s credibility. The frequent and unwanted solicitations create frustration and stress for those constantly receiving the call, making it a bothersome experience that recipients would rather avoid.

How to protect yourself from the FedEx Improving Discounts Spam Call

To protect yourself from the FedEx Improving Discounts Spam Call and its pesky nature, consider using YouMail as an effective solution. YouMail offers spam call blocking features that automatically filter out unwanted automated calls, including robocallers like the FedEx Improving Discounts. In addition, YouMail’s spam detection technology identifies and diverts potential spam calls away from your phone, reducing the frequency of annoying solicitations.

By integrating YouMail into your phone system, you can block known spam numbers and create custom filters to prevent future nuisances. Moreover, YouMail’s community-based blocking feature helps protect you from emerging spam callers that others have reported. This way, you stay one step ahead of annoying robocallers like the FedEx Improving Discounts.

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