In an era dominated by digital presence, scammers have adapted their strategies to target both businesses and individuals. In this weekly series, we shed light on the ever-evolving world of robocall scams, aiming to raise awareness and empower you to protect yourself against these fraudulent schemes. Our spotlight today falls on the Google Business Listing Scam, an insidious ploy where scammers impersonate Google’s business services, instilling fear in unsuspecting victims by threatening the status of their online listings. Join us as we delve into the details of this scam, unveiling the tactics employed, the telltale signs, and how to safeguard yourself or your business from falling victim to these deceptive calls.

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The details of the Google Business Listing Scam

The Google Business Listing Scam is a scheme that preys on businesses, posing as Google’s official services. Scammers claim that your Google business listing is at risk, potentially leading to customers being unable to find your business online. The fraudulent call often originates from various phone numbers, such as 1-202-967-4589, 1-786-589-6384, 1-561-448-7244, 1-214-216-7928, and 1-442-542-0018. The scam is widespread, with reports from locations like California (CA, US), Florida (FL, US), Texas (TX, US), and Georgia (GA, US). During the call, scammers urge recipients to press one to check the status of their Google business listing, a ruse to obtain personal information. It’s essential to be cautious and recognize that Google does not initiate such calls, making it vital to hang up and not engage with these scammers.

Actual audio of the Business Verification Scam Call Exploiting the Google Brand

“Our records show your Google business listing may be suspended or not verified through Google. This can cause customers searching for your services to not be able to find your business online. Press one so we can quickly check the status of your Google business listing. This will only take a few minutes. Press nine if you wish to be removed from this list. Thank you and have a nice day.”

Why the Google Business Listing Scam is dangerous

The Google Business Listing Scam poses a significant threat due to its potential to deceive businesses and individuals alike. Scammers exploit the trust associated with the Google brand, causing victims to panic over the supposed jeopardy to their online presence. This fear tactics scam can lead to divulging sensitive personal and business information to fraudsters. Additionally, falling prey to this scam may result in financial losses, identity theft, and reputational damage for businesses. It’s crucial to recognize the danger this scam presents and take proactive steps to safeguard your information and business reputation.

How to protect yourself from the Google Business Listing Scam

To safeguard against the Google Business Listing Scam and similar deceptive robocall schemes, consider using YouMail as a comprehensive solution. YouMail offers a powerful call screening and call blocking service that can effectively identify and block potential scam calls, including those related to Google business listings. With YouMail, you can gain peace of mind by ensuring that suspicious calls are automatically intercepted, preventing fraudsters from accessing your personal or business information. In addition, YouMail provides valuable insights and analytics on incoming calls, enabling you to make informed decisions about whether to answer or ignore calls. By integrating YouMail into your communication strategy, you can strengthen your defenses against robocall scams and enjoy a safer, more secure digital experience.

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