Welcome to another riveting edition of our weekly blog series at YouMail, where we unravel the latest and most insidious scams plaguing phone users. This week, we dive deep into the treacherous waters of cyber deception, exposing a scheme that exploits the trusted Venmo brand. Brace yourselves as scammers unleash a password reset scam that masquerades as the “Venmo fraud prevention line.” Our investigation unveils all corners of this high-risk fraud, with an overall fraud score of 0.98. Join us on this virtual journey as we dissect the details, expose the most targeted regions, and unmask the phone numbers behind the insidious calls. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and let’s navigate through the labyrinth of this scam together.

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The details of the password reset scam exploiting venmo app users

Scammers employ automated calls posing as the “Venmo fraud prevention line,” falsely asserting a recent password change attempt on the recipient’s Venmo account. The caller prompts the recipient to press one if they did not initiate the alleged action. The scam carries a high risk, with a fraud score of 0.98. The most targeted areas include Georgia (GA), California (CA), Texas (TX), Florida (Fl), and New Jersey (NJ). The phone numbers associated with this scam are as follows:

Actual Audio of the password reset scam exploiting venmo app users

“This is the Venmo fraud prevention line. We have sent this automated call because of an attempt to change the password on your Venmo account. If this was not you, please press one.”

Why the password reset scam is dangerous

The password reset scam exploiting Venmo app users poses a significant threat due to its deceptive nature and potential for identity theft. By impersonating the Venmo fraud prevention line, scammers trick unsuspecting individuals into divulging sensitive information, including login credentials and personal details. Falling victim to this scam could lead to unauthorized access to financial accounts, fraudulent transactions, and even broader identity compromise. It’s crucial to recognize the dangers associated with this scam and understand the importance of safeguarding personal information to prevent devastating consequences.

How to protect yourself from the password reset scam call

To shield yourself from the perils of the Venmo password reset scam, exercise caution when receiving unexpected calls, especially those claiming to be from the Venmo fraud prevention line. Venmo and similar services typically communicate through secure channels, such as their official app or website. Never disclose personal information, such as passwords or financial details, over the phone unless you initiate the contact and are certain of the legitimacy of the caller. Additionally, stay informed about prevalent scams by utilizing an app like YouMail that provides real-time scam detection and blocking features. By staying vigilant and adopting these proactive measures, you can fortify your defenses against fraudulent attempts and contribute to a safer digital environment.

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2 thoughts on “Robocall Scam of the Week: Password Change Fraud Exploiting Venmo Brand

  1. I got called 3 times in a row and they sent a text with a temporary password reset code. The text came from a PayPal text address.
    They called from 833-313-9102 the text came from

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