In the interconnected world we navigate today, where our phones serve as constant companions, the rise of spam calls has become an unavoidable part of daily life. In our ongoing mission to shed light on prevalent spam calls, this week’s focus is on a telemarketing interaction with an agent named McKenzie, representing Leaf Home Water Solutions. While ostensibly a legitimate business, the unsolicited nature of these calls, aimed at scheduling free estimates and water tests, places them squarely in the realm of spam. Join us as we delve into the details of this particular Leaf Home Water Solutions spam call, examining its origins, most targeted locations, frequently used numbers, and even providing an actual snippet of the call’s audio. In understanding these details, we aim to equip you with the knowledge to better manage and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of spam calls in the digital age.

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The details of the Leaf Home Water Solutions spam call

The goal of the Leaf Home Water Solutions spam call is to schedule a complimentary estimate and water test for the recipient. The call’s primary objective is to schedule a free estimate and water test for the recipient. While it originates from a legitimate business, such unsolicited communications can frequently be considered spam due to their promotional nature and the absence of any prior request from the recipient.

First Detected:

Sat Sep 24 2022 14:52:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

The most called locations:

Florida (FL, US)

Texas (TX, US)

Ohio (OH, US)

North Carolina (NC, US)

Illinois (IL, US)

The most used numbers for this spam call are:






Actual Audio of Leaf Home Water Solutions Spam Call

“Hello, this is McKenzie with Leaf Home Water Solutions calling to schedule your free estimate and water test. Please give us a call back at 1-888-701-5497. Thank you and have a great rest of your day.”

Why the Leaf Home Water Solutions spam call is a nuisance

The Leaf Home Water Solutions spam call becomes a nuisance primarily due to its intrusive and unsolicited nature. While the company may be legitimate, the act of reaching out to individuals without their consent, often interrupting their daily activities, raises concerns about privacy and the potential for harassment. The persistence of these calls, targeting specific regions across the United States, adds to the annoyance and frustration experienced by those receiving them. Furthermore, the repeated use of various phone numbers for these spam calls indicates a deliberate effort to bypass call blocking mechanisms, exacerbating the nuisance for unsuspecting recipients.

How to protect yourself from the Leaf Home Water Solutions spam call

In response to the persistent annoyance posed by the Leaf Home Water Solutions spam call, it’s crucial to take proactive measures to protect yourself. YouMail provides an effective solution to filter and block spam calls, including those from Leaf Home Water Solutions. By downloading the YouMail app, you can harness its advanced call protection features, such as call blocking, smart blocking, and personalized voicemail greetings. YouMail’s comprehensive database of known spam numbers, including those associated with Leaf Home Water Solutions, ensures that you stay one step ahead of these unwanted calls.

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