In the ever-evolving landscape of telemarketing, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is introducing changes that could reshape the way businesses connect with their customers. The focus is on moving towards a 1:1 consent model, aiming to reduce unwanted telemarketing calls. As a business serving a variety of industries, we believe it’s crucial for you to be aware of these changes and, more importantly, to have a say in the matter.

The Case for 1:1 Consent

Advocates for the FCC changes argue that a shift towards 1:1 consent is a positive step in protecting consumers from unsolicited calls. This change could lead to a reduction in the number of unwanted interruptions, ultimately improving the telemarketing landscape for everyone.

Considerations for Businesses

However, it’s essential to acknowledge the challenges these changes may pose for businesses, especially those that rely on purchasing leads for telemarketing. While the intention is to curb intrusive calls, the impact on legitimate businesses using purchased leads could be substantial.

On the flip side, businesses that have been inundated with unsolicited calls may see these changes as a welcome relief. It’s a delicate balance that necessitates a thoughtful consideration of both perspectives.

Your Opportunity to Be Heard

The FCC is providing an avenue for businesses like yours to voice your opinions and concerns. The Express Comment filing process allows you to contribute to the ongoing discussion surrounding these changes. Your unique insights as a small business serving specific industries can play a crucial role in shaping the outcome.

How to File an Express Comment

Filing an Express Comment with the FCC is easy! Just remember to use “02-278” as the proceeding number. After that, share your thoughts on the telemarketing changes in the “Brief Comments” field, along with your contact info in case the FCC needs to reach you.

Please name and describe your business and talk about either the impact that receiving the robocalls means to you, or about the impact that restriction to 1:1 consent means to you.

If you truly are a small business, it’s not a lot to fill out the Brief Comments. Medium to large-sized firms should consider legal counsel for assistance here.

Of Note: All information submitted will be publicly available, so ensure your comments are respectful and representative of your business’s perspective.

It’s crucial for small businesses like yours to actively participate in the decision-making process. We encourage you to take advantage of the Express Comment filing process and share your thoughts with the FCC. Let’s ensure that the changes strike a balance that benefits both businesses and consumers.

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