It’s a new month, and we’re starting it with an update to the YouMail Android app.



This update is really all about an improved greetings experience.

  • It’s much easier to change the default greeting and see how isn’t hearing it when they call.
  • Business edition users now have status greetings, so their smart greeting can reflect what’s they’re doing (like being “with a client”).
  • Greetings for blocked and/or unknown callers are now set up through the “special callers” menu on the people tab.
  • Changes to greetings on the web site are now reflected accurately in the app.

The release has quite a few bug fixes, the biggest of which is supporting Android 4.2.2 correctly (the OS on the Samsung Galaxy 4, for example).

Finally, we updated a few of the menus.  The “help” menu now provides easy access to YouMail support, and the “alert settings” now allow business users to access “auto-forwarding”.

We have our own to-do list we’re already working on for the next release, but, please, tell us what you think we should be doing next.