To the employees at J.P. Morgan Chase Bank and Coca Cola whose voice mail has been silenced: We’re here to help.

Yes, landline voicemail on a desk phone is a terrible experience that would drive anyone crazy.  Dialing into an antiquated land line voice mail system, navigating through inefficient voice menus, and then sitting there listening to long-winded messages from vendors, colleagues, or customers was frustrating.  It’s no wonder so many messages have gone ignored with the little red light on the phone silently blinking away.


But we all know what the real issue is.  It’s that you are actually using your smartphone for just about all your business communications – emails, texts, and calls.  It’s about time your management recognized this too, and provided you with an effective tool to handle the mobile calls you miss.

At YouMail, we provide a free, intelligent telephony service for your smartphone that does just that.    It automatically greets callers by name, blocks unwanted callers, and notifies you by text and email when new voice messages appear.  It also can automatically send personal messages to callers letting them know other ways to reach you, and  collect their contact information for you so you don’t have to type it into your address book yourself.  You can retrieve calls at your convenience from your computer or mobile device, and for a few dollars per month, read transcripts of incoming voice messages and store them all, organized in folders, forever.

YouMail provides you the secretary you deserve, and gives a voice back to customers, vendors, coworkers, family, and friends who prefer to reach you by phone.  After all, leaving a voice message while driving instead of texting is far safer and more convenient for your callers.   And getting back quickly to someone who left a voice message is a great way to keep that customer instead of losing them.

Find out what 7 million Americans already know. That YouMail has transformed voice mail into an indispensable productivity tool. Download the free app today at and take control of your missed calls.


The YouMail Team