From all of us on the YouMail Team, Happy Father’s Day to all of the wonderful dads out there!

We know being a dad is a very important and rewarding job, but sometimes you don’t always have as much time for it as you’d like. That’s why we want to show you ways the YouMail app can help you take care of business faster and allow you more time to relax and spend time with your family.

Get Work Out Of The Way by Handling Calls with YouMail

  • Even when you leave the office and come home for the day, you’re always bound to get more calls from coworkers. Voice-to-Text allows you to sit back with your family and still get your coworker’s voicemail without having to dial in and listen to it. If it’s an important matter, you can reply to them by text, email, or voicemail straight from our app – and if it’s not… then you can just talk to them tomorrow. Either way, you won’t have to stop spending time with your kids to step aside and listen to their voicemail.
  • A larger inbox size gives you the freedom to keep as many voicemails as you want. Depending on which YouMail plan you have, you receive an inbox size of either 100, 500, or 10,000. Always have room for important messages from work without having to sacrifice your favorite voicemails from you kids over the years.
  • When you finally make it on that fishing trip you’ve been waiting for, the last thing you need is more work calls – especially when you’re trying to teach your son or daughter how to fish for the first time. Use Auto-Reply to send callers an automatic text or email letting them know you’re unavailable and when you’ll return. Or set up Call Transfer to redirect calls that can’t wait to a secretary or another employee.
  • And for the regretted times when you’re swamped with work and can’t answer your phone when your children call, use Customized Voicemail Greetings to set funny greeting for each of them. Our directory contains thousands of different greetings that your kids are sure to enjoy.

We hope our app helps you find more time to spend with your family today by managing your calls for you. Take care of business faster and make the most time for the job you actually enjoy: being a dad! Happy Father’s Day!