Unwanted Robocalls are annoying – they waste your time and they interrupt what you’re doing.   No one wants to deal with a scammer trying to get your credit card information, or a collection agency pursuing payment, or political campaigns nagging you to vote for the wrong candidate.

Unfortunately, however, Robocalls happen all the time – at least a third of mobile users get at least one spam call a day, if not more.

So what to do?

With iPhones and Android phones, it is possible to block individual Robocallers.  But that’s time-consuming to do one-at-a-time, and in many cases, blocking really just sends them to voicemail, which doesn’t really help matters, since now you have to deal with playing an unwanted voicemail.   And if it hangs up on them, they realize this, and they can just call you from another number.

At YouMail, we’ve put together a better solution, called Smart Blocking™.




With Smart Blocking™, all YouMail users have to do is, well, nothing.   That’s right, nothing.   They just ignore the call and YouMail will automatically identify spammers and fool them into thinking they’ve reached a disconnected number. Our patent pending technology takes advantage of the millions of calls we see each day (and the billions we’ve answered over time) to recognize the patterns of behavior that indicate a problematic caller.

But you make Smart Blocking smarter.   If there’s an annoying unwanted caller we didn’t block for you, you just tap a button to zap them, and they from now on will get the same disconnected message.   (And we’ll note that you did this, which helps our algorithm for finding the bad guys.)

How easy is that?  Ignore calls and we’ll get rid of the nasty ones.  And if you want to do more,  just tap a single button.   There’s no limit to the number of people you can ignore.




And it works. So far, we’ve blocked tens of millions of calls for people, and detected many thousands of different spam numbers.

If you’re not already a YouMail user, try it out. Just download the YouMail app for your iPhone or Android phone, where it replaces your voicemail with a much more intelligent service that includes smart blocking.  All for free.

Say goodbye to robocalls and let us know how that works for you.