It’s summer break right now – which means a lot of you are preparing for another year of college or entering the work force! As our way of saying congratulations, we just want to remind you of all the great ways YouMail can help you manage time, take care of calls, and create a professional name for yourself.

Manage Time

  • Save time listening to voicemails by reading them instead! Voice-to-Text gives you the power to treat your voicemails as if they’re text messages. Don’t be distracted while you’re studying in the library by a new voicemail notification. Just read the voicemail easily as a text and get back to studying or applying to jobs faster.
  • Access your voicemail from any device! Visual Voicemail makes your voicemails easily retrievable from your phone, tablet, and computer. Check your voicemail on your laptop through your online YouMail account.

Take Care of Calls

  • College isn’t all about studying! Use Customizable Voicemail Greetings to set up funny greetings for your friends while also keeping professional greetings for potential employers.
  • Use Auto-Reply to let your friends know you’re studying for a major test and can’t talk till it’s over! Turn off your phone and stay away from its distractions. If anyone calls you, even your mom (and she will call you), they will get a text letting them know you can’t talk for the next couple of days. Ace your test with all your extra study time without worrying your mom by not answering your phone.

Create a Professional Voicemail

  • For all the potential employers bound to call you and offer you a second interview while you’re in an exam and can’t answer their call, use Smart Greeting to make sure your interviewer is greeted by name and aware of your professional phone call handling. No more voicemail greetings you recorded when you were in high school. Professional voicemail greetings will go a long distance in helping you land your first internship.

Good luck to you college students and college grads! We hope these smart tips can help you improve your communication skills and land that job!