It’s officially summer. You know what that means… time to plan the annual summer barbecue, the much needed vacation trip with the family, and soak up the sun with your toes in the sand. To help kick off summer, we just want to give you some helpful summer tips to make sure all of your plans go smoothly and that summer 2015 is the best one yet!

#1. Don’t forget the sunscreen.

#2. Make sure your break from work stays a break by letting clients know where you are when they call! Turn on Auto-Reply in your YouMail account by going to Settings>Auto-Reply> and then customize your settings accordingly. Input your custom away message to let everyone know you’re surfing the waves at the beach or jet skiing on the lake and you’ll be back in a few days. Now clients won’t be frustrated waiting for your call back and you don’t have to worry about pausing your break to take calls from work.

#3. Business users set up Live-Connect to give your clients the option to reach your secretary or coworker to handle their needs when you’re not available (because you may or may not be on a plane to Hawai’i…). Which brings us to…

#4. Answer your voicemails via email, but only if you have to. You can’t use your phone on a plane, but nowadays, most planes have Wi-Fi. Since YouMail is accessible from your laptop, access your voicemails online and reply to them via email and let your clients know you are out of town for the week.
And finally,

#5. Relax! Don’t stress over work; it’s called a summer vacation for a reason. Besides, YouMail’s handling your communications for you, so get out there and enjoy the summer!