If you receive a lot of voicemails or run a small business, you need YouMail to be able to easily access messages and respond to callers faster. While our free service gives you multiple features including the ability to greet callers by name and save voicemails to your computer, our Business plan comes with even more helpful tools that allow you to use your voicemails to their fullest potential.

Here are some of our favorite paid features that take voicemail handling to the next level:

Voicemail to Text – This convenient feature turns all of your voicemails into text messages or emails making it easier for you to get to your voicemail messages. If you’re in a hurry or at work and can’t step out to listen to your messages, you can just read your voicemails instead and respond to the caller if they are important or need immediate assistance.

Business Smart Greeting – With a voicemail greeting that greets your callers by name and also gives them your name and company name, you’re sure to maintain a professional image even when you can’t answer your phone. When your phone is your business, keeping potential clients interested in your company is important. With Business Smart Greeting, you’ll always be able to give off a good impression.

Auto Reply – Auto Reply gives you even more ways to get in touch with missed callers. An Auto Reply is an automatic text or email sent out to your missed callers with your custom away message and digital business card. Let callers know when you’ll be available next without even picking up your phone.

Live Connect – Live Connect transforms your voicemail greeting into a system that can transfer your missed calls to another phone number like your assistant or business partner. Give callers the option to be transferred to up to 9 different phone numbers to make sure important calls are always taken care of.

These are just a few of the great features you can gain access to with a Business plan. Get YouMail Business.