If it seems like working from home drags your day and seems even more tiring than being at your real office – maybe your home office isn’t providing you with the most functional space for productivity. And when your home office isn’t doing its job, you can bet you’re going to have a hard time doing yours. Thankfully, there are plenty of easy fixes you can do to your home workspace to make it more refreshing and mind-stimulating than ever.

Take a look at these helpful tips to create a home workspace that’s fit for comfort and working hard:

  1. Find an atmosphere that keeps you focused – If you prefer working in quiet spaces, make sure your home office isn’t towards the more bustling side of your house or facing the street. If you’re the opposite and need a bit of background noise to help you concentrate, you don’t want a home office that’s in the back of your house or away from the outside world.
  2. Limit the amount of distractions around you – Keep distracting items out of your home workspace. For example, your favorite magazines and a TV? They don’t belong in your office. Keep those out of your workspace and you’ll be less tempted to take frequent breaks.
  3. Organize your desk – This one seems pretty self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised at how easily your desk can become a mess. Make sure your desk isn’t cluttered so that your mind isn’t either. Look through all of the papers on your desk and decide which ones can be filed away. Only keep papers on your desk that are relevant to what you’re currently working on and even your workload will appear more manageable.
  4. Make sure your office is well-lit – If your home office is in a dimly lit place, your mind will be less energized to get work done. You should have at least one window in your office and some direct sunlight coming through your room. If it gets too stuffy in your office, you can easily crack open your window and liven up your workspace.

Working at home doesn’t mean you have to separate yourself from the world and retreat into a cramped, uncomfortable office to get work done. With a well-designed home workspace, you can feel just as connected to your work and colleagues as you do when you’re actually in office. Besides, working from home definitely has its perks. You can have a more flexible work schedule so that you have time to drop your kids off at school and pick them up, you don’t have to sit in traffic, and you can design your home office the way you want. Keep the above tips in mind as you redesign or create your home workspace and you’ll be getting projects done in no time.