Voicemail greetings are one of the most underrated tools that can help you improve your communications with clients, business contacts, and future employers.

Especially in the last case, you want to make sure that your voicemail greeting is professional and giving your future employers a good impression when you can’t do so yourself. When you’re constantly sending out applications with your phone number on it, you can bet on missing at least one of those callbacks. Give your voicemail a quick listen. If you were the manager looking to offer you an interview, would you still want to set one up after listening to your voicemail greeting?

Make sure a future employer doesn’t lose interest because you missed their call and your voicemail greeting is outdated (or maybe even a little immature). Instead, impress them with a
voicemail greeting that says you manage communications well and leave them looking forward to speaking with you in person.

Here are some tips for creating an impressive and professional voicemail greeting with YouMail:

  1. Smart Greeting – With YouMail Smart Greeting, you receive a unique voicemail greeting that addresses callers by name. If you take down your future employer’s contact information and store it in your phone, YouMail will address them by name when they reach your voicemail. Smart Greeting can impress your future employer by letting them know you use intelligent call
    handling tools such as YouMail, to take better care of your callers.
  2. Business Smart Greeting – Business Smart Greeting gives callers your full name and company name. Use it for your current company and when your client calls, they’ll be given a firsthand example of how well you take care of calls in the professional world. Get the Business Smart Greeting here.
  3. Voicemail Greeting Flexibility – If you’re looking for a voicemail system that greets professional contacts differently than personal ones, use YouMail to set up voicemail greetings individually. Assign all professional contacts a Business Smart Greeting and use personal voicemail greetings for friends and family. This way you can manage work and personal calls without the hassle of keeping separate phones.

Make sure your voicemail greeting is letting future employers know that you can handle communications well – even if you can’t always get to your phone. With YouMail your calls will always be handled professionally!