Privacy isn’t something to be taken lightly – especially when it comes to who’s calling your phone. As robocall numbers continue to rise each month, keep yourself protected from being harassed by spammers and other unwanted callers with YouMail.

Don’t let spammers get in the way of your productivity. When you don’t have to pause your day to deal with telemarketing calls or sort through voicemail messages from unwanted callers, you’d be surprised at how much more you can get done.

Here Are the Best Ways to Keep your Privacy Protected with YouMail:

  1. Block List – When you add phone numbers to your personal Block list, they’ll never be able to call or leave you a voicemail again. Instead, they’ll hear a “number out of service” message which will trick them into thinking your phone no longer works.
    To add callers to your Block list – Open your YouMail app, tap the Menu, tap Contacts, tap the icon of a gear at the top right, then tap ‘Block Caller’
  2. Spam Filtering – With Spam Filtering turned on, suspected or only known spammers (your choice) will be automatically blocked from calling you. YouMail’s advanced technology knows which phone numbers belong to spammers and filters them out from contacting any of our customers.
    To adjust your Spam Filtering settings – Open your YouMail app, tap the Menu, tap Settings, then tap Smart Blocking and choose how aggressively you want YouMail to block spammers
  3. Privacy Guard – Privacy Guard is available for YouMail Premium and Business Plan subscribers only. It unmasks blocked caller ID numbers by having them input their phone number before they are able to leave you a voicemail. To turn on Privacy Guard – Go to Blocked ID Greeting from the Greetings tab in your YouMail account online
  4. Voicemail-to-Text – If you are on the YouMail Premium or Business Plan, you can use Voicemail-to-Text to preserve the privacy of your messages. When you want to discreetly check a voicemail message, you can read your voicemail as a text message, email, or in the app instead of having to listen to it and risk people around you hearing your message.
    To adjust your Voicemail-to-Text settings – Go to Voice-to-Text from the Settings tab in your YouMail account online
  5. Robocall Index – At any time, you can visit the YouMail Robocall Index for an up-to-date report of top spamming phone numbers in the United States. Get details on phone numbers placing the most robocalls, where the most robocalls are being received, and top types of robocall scams that may be targeting you. The Index is updated on a monthly basis, so you’ll always know which phone numbers to avoid calls from. Check out the Robocall Index here and tell your friends! The best way to stop the robocall problem is to make sure people stop answering their calls.

Your phone should be given top-notch security – it’s one of your most important devices! With these YouMail tips, make sure your phone is always protected and you are not wasting time dealing with unwanted calls and messages.

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