Does this sound familiar? You’re hard at work until the phone rings and it’s a number you don’t recognize. There’s a chance it’s a potential client inquiring about your service, excited you answer the phone only to be disappointed. It’s not a potential client, it’s not even a live person. It’s another automated message saying you’ve won a free cruise. How many times has this happened to you? Too many to count? Well, you are not the only one tired of wasting time on nonsense callers.

Whether you want to dodge scam callers/telemarketers/unwanted callers from calling your business line or your personal cell phone there’s an app that can work in your favor. YouMail offers a caller ID and call blocker combo app. It’s called the WhoAreYou app and is available for download in the Google Play Store.

What does WhoAreYou do?

The WhoAreYou app is a free app that offers an enhanced caller ID feature. Even if a number is not saved in your contacts, WhoAreYou can show the caller ID of landlines, business numbers, and cell phone numbers for almost every call and text. Paired with the call blocker feature you can block calls, robocalls, and texts from certain numbers in just a few clicks. Filter your calls and texts so only the messages that matter reach you. Download the WhoAreYou app for Android and stop worrying about unwanted callers interfering with your productivity and sanity.

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