Do you leave a message if your call is sent to voicemail? Recent statistics show 80 percent of callers don’t leave a message if they reach voicemail because they don’t think their message will be listened to. And with a typical voicemail greeting like, “Hi, you’ve reached so-and-so, sorry I’m not in right now. Leave a message at the beep” it’s not very convincing otherwise. Yes, this greeting gets the job done, but it’s boring and doesn’t ensure callers that their message will be heard. What if there was a way to turn your voicemail greeting up a notch? Give your callers something they’ve never heard before with YouMail’s Business Smart Greeting.

What is YouMail’s Business Smart Greeting?

YouMail offers an intelligent voicemail greeting that greets callers by their first name, your full name, and company name making the call a memorable and personal experience. If your phone is your business, it could be a nightmare to juggle client calls, in-person client meetings, and everything else you have to worry about. Chances are, you’re going to miss an important call or two. With this greeting, your clients are still getting a professional message from you and you’re giving the impression that you value their message. And when you return your missed calls, your clients are sure to ask how your voicemail knew their names. Business Smart Greeting is a great ice breaker with your clients and gives your voicemail greeting a professional edge. Add this YouMail feature to your tool belt.

Business Smart Greeting is a feature included in the Business Plan. Get the Business Smart Greeting and other Business features by clicking here.

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