In the sales business? Then you must rely heavily on your phone to reach out and stay in contact with your current and potential clients. Which makes call management an important skill to have. If you’re not organized things can quickly get out of hand and may give clients a bad impression. To stay on top of sales calls and show clients your professional side make sure you read these 4 quick tips.

  1. Follow up your follow up

Leave a paper trail for you and your client to easily refer back to important discussions. If you had a phone call with your client, send them an email summing up the conversation. If you left a voicemail, also send an email to ensure your client receives your message. There’s no harm with keeping track of your steps. You never know what info could be useful to refer back to in the future.

  1. “Hi, you’ve reached Michelle at YouMail. How may I help you today?”

Always answer every call or start every call with a professional business greeting including your name and company name. Clients want to know they are working with someone professional and trustworthy. That means you need to carry yourself as a professional who is always willing to help your clients with any questions they may have. Starting with an inviting and professional greeting sets the tone for the conversation.

  1. Don’t mess up the contacts

The last thing you want to do is mix up client contact information. This is why it is so important to stay organized and keep your contact list updated and properly labeled. Whether you have an Android or iPhone, add additional fields to a specific contact and save important details such as a nickname, address, or notes on the best time to reach them.

  1. There’s an app for that

As much as you would like to answer every call you receive, it’s near impossible. Take advantage of a visual voicemail tool like YouMail. Quickly check voicemail messages through the app or via email. It’s convenient and time effective. You can also, save and archive important messages to refer to them later. Just like keeping a paper trail, keeping records of messages is important for any job but especially for a sales pro. Trust YouMail to save your conversations. Check out YouMail here.

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