Apps have managed to find a function for just about anything, from tracking your steps to managing your bank account. Apps offer you convenience and efficiency. To add more convenience to your life here are 5 benefits to having YouMail transcribe your voicemails.

  1. You don’t have to listen to voicemail…ever…again

If you put off checking voicemail because you dread having to listen to your messages, then YouMail is your solution. With voicemail-to-text, YouMail automatically transcribes your voicemail into text and has it available for you within seconds of receiving your voicemail.

  1. Read voicemails anytime, anywhere

No more sneaking away trying to find a quiet place where you can listen to your voicemail because you can read your messages at your convenience. Whether you are at a soccer game or in a meeting, taking a quick glance at your transcription lets you know if the call you missed was important or not.

  1. Check messages even if your phone is away

Mobile phones can quickly turn into a distraction at work, so if you put your phone away from 9am to 5pm you don’t have to worry about forfeiting checking your messages. Along with a recording of your voicemail, you will be emailed the transcription of your message. The next time you put your phone away or your battery dies, check voicemails along with your emails from your computer so you won’t miss anything important.

  1. Save voicemails forever

Have a touching voicemail from your kids singing you happy birthday or an important message left by a client? Archive the recording and transcription of these messages in the ‘Save’ folder in your YouMail app. Go back to your saved messages whenever you need to.

  1. Forward your messages

The last perk of receiving transcriptions of your voicemails is having the ability to send important messages via email directly through the app. If you have a voicemail that is too good not to share with a friend or need to send a message from a client to an assistant or coworker, forward your message along and the recipient can easily read the message like an email. Transcriptions aren’t just convenient for you but for everyone you send your messages to.

Voicemail transcriptions come with our YouMail Premium and YouMail Business plans. Check out the plan best for you here if you aren’t already enjoying voicemail transcriptions.

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