What may just be a simple annoyance to once person, is collectively an alarming problem happening to most American consumers. The number of robocalls made to U.S. phones reached a record breaking 2.49 billion calls in May reported by YouMail’s National Robocall Index. That means every second there were 930 robocalls placed during the month of May. With a 6.3% increase over April’s robocall volume, this robocall hindrance is not slowing down.

Who’s to blame?

Like previous months, debt collectors have been the number one culprit for making these robocalls in May. More specifically, 80% of robocalls came from debt collectors for banks, retailers, student loans, and telecom providers.

Who’s affected?

Here are the top 5 cities in the U.S. most affected by robocalls in the month of May along with the number of robocalls they received:

  1. Atlanta, 105 million
  2. Dallas, 93.7 million
  3. New York, 89.7 million
  4. Chicago, 89.0 million
  5. Houston, 84.6 million

For the sixth straight month in a row, Atlanta has topped the chart as the #1 most robocalled city in the U.S. Find out other affected cities and a complete analysis of May’s robocall results here.

What’s the fix?

Replace your carrier’s voicemail with YouMail and use YouMail’s smart blocking. YouMail uses a special algorithm that identifies which caller is a robocaller, will automatically block them for you and play them a “number is disconnected” greeting so they can’t leave you a message. Over time telemarketers will think your phone is out of service and will take you off of their call lists so they won’t call you again. Click here to get started with YouMail now.

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