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You’re a busy professional so when you need to get the whole team on a conference call it should be quick and easy, but conference calling could be more trouble than it’s worth. First of all, you have to dial a strange number with pound signs and asterisks that of course you didn’t memorize. Second, enter a long pin that’s probably buried in an email somewhere with the details to enter the conference. Lastly, record your name to be announced in the call. At last you enter the conference, but spend 10 minutes figuring out who else is on the call which eats up the time you have scheduled for the call. Going through all of this – then imagine the call drops. You have to repeat this process over again while everyone waits for you, that’s if they realize your dropped out of the conference. And if you are making this call while on the road, the hassle is more than you bargained for. Which is why YouMail now offers the world’s easiest one-touch conference calling solution and it’s FREE!

How it works?

Every YouMailer has a conference room for their cell phone and it’s easy to join a call. Participants just need to dial your phone number. Once your voicemail greeting starts to play, the caller presses ‘8’ to enter the conference call. No more conference lines you need to remember or PINs required. YouMail’s smart announcement will announce the name of the caller as they enter the conference. That means you don’t need to announce yourself or waste time figuring out who just joined the call. It’s that easy.

Want More?

Yes, there’s more! If you want/need to have your conference calls recorded to refer back to later or share with the participants, YouMail Business has you covered. Along with the recordings you’ll also receive an automatic summary of the conference and a list of the other callers that participated. Making archiving calls and keeping track of important conversations very simple.

Ditch the strange numbers and PINs and use the world’s easiest Conference Calling with YouMail. If you want all of what YouMail Conference Calling has to offer and tons more features upgrade to YouMail Business.


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    1. How long can you talk? There aren’t any built-in limits, but we’d suspect that going for more than a few hours might run into a limitation or two somewhere.

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