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We’re excited to announce today’s release of YouMail app version 4.0 for iPhone. Jam packed with major enhancements and new features, it’s available NOW. Download the app in the App Store today and see for yourself why YouMail’s new intelligent call manager is leading the industry.

What’s New?

  1. Modern Redesign

The first thing you’ll notice is the new sleek look and feel to the app. We gave the app a complete facelift and incorporated a fresh style with a white background, black text, and blue buttons.

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  1. New Tab Bar

The most important tabs to view your messages, call history, contacts, and greetings show up at the bottom of the screen in the app for easy access and navigation page to page.


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  1. New Action Button

Click the YouMail logo in the tab bar to view new features.

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a. Conference Calling

YouMail now offers a free one-touch conference calling feature. Just have participants dial your phone number and simply press 8 during your voicemail greeting to enter the call.

b. Drop a Voicemail

Leave a voicemail to another YouMailer without ringing their phone. Just enter in their phone number, record your message, and hit send.

c. Blacklist Caller

Now you don’t need to wait for an unwanted caller to call you to block their number. Simply enter in their phone number and tap ‘Block’ to never hear from them again.

d. Lookup Number

Don’t recognize a phone number? Look them up in YouMail’s Directory for their caller ID information.

  1. Updated Messages List and Details Page

Check out the new look of the Messages tab. You can star important or favorite messages. Click on an individual message to view the message details and open your options to play, reply, or share the voicemail.

  1. Updated Greetings List and Details Page

We also gave the Greetings list a new look. When viewing your list of greetings click the arrow icon to easily set a greeting as your main greeting. When you click on an individual greeting you open up options to share the greeting or set specific contacts to hear that message when they call.

Download version 4.0 of the YouMail app for your iPhone now. We welcome feedback so please feel free to comment below.


16 thoughts on “New Release – YouMail 4.0 for iPhone

  1. LOVE, looooooove the new update. I have been a YouMail customer for almost a year now and stepping up to the Business level was worth every penny. I am a REALTOR, so giving my clients a personal touch separates me from my competition. Its the little things that can give you an edge in my industry, so I just wanted to say thanks again for constantly updating and enhancing my service. Keep up the good work and if you are a competitor of mine – DONT USE YOUMAIL (ha ha ha).


    A. Rose

    The “Rose of Real Estate”

  2. Still don’t know why when my iPhone is connected to my car’s bluetooth the YouMail app won’t play audio through it even though it shows as as audio source on the app. I’ve looked but found no way to resolve this, if anyone knows of a solution I’d love to hear it. I’d trade the new YouMail look and features for this bluetooth audio fix any day.

    1. Hi Brian, the answer is yes! YouMail Business offers an auto attendant feature. However there is no music nor fax capabilities, but thank you for letting us know those are desired features.

  3. Any chance you mail will be available to the U.K. Was using Libon until they decided to abandon voicemail and there is no alternative in the U.K. at the momeny

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