August robocall index highlights

The results are in and YouMail’s National Robocall Index reports a shocking 2.64 billion robocalls were made in August. That’s a 9.3% spike from the number of robocalls made to US consumers in July. Break that down and there were 986 robocalls placed every second last month.

Specifically, whose being affected?

The Robocall Index shows Texas as the unfortunate winner this month for number 1 most robocalled state in the US. California, Florida, New York, and Georgia finish up the top 5 list.

Who’s to blame?

Debt collectors are the biggest culprits making up 17 out of the top 20 most active robocallers in August, and California shows to be the state with the most outbound robocalls made.

Click here for a more detailed analysis on August’s Robocall Index Release and how YouMail can help you combat robocalls.

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