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It’s not always convenient or possible for everyone to have a meeting in the office which is why conference calls are a necessity for most businesses. Unfortunately, conference calling’s track record hasn’t been the smoothest tool to use. For starters, you have to dial a strange number to enter the conference call and then enter a pin that’s probably buried in an email somewhere. If you’re dialing into the call from your car it’s not a simple process. Then once you enter the call you have to figure out who else is on, who isn’t, and heaven forbid someone drops the call. You waste time on things that don’t matter instead of talking about what the call is actually for. Not anymore, YouMail has released the world’s easiest, free Conference Calling solution.

A simple Conference Calling feature is already included in your YouMail plan and is free for you to use whenever you like for as many calls as you want. What makes YouMail’s Free Conference Calling so simple?

Conference Calling Top Features

  1. Join Effortlessly – Callers simply dial your phone number and press 8 to enter the conference.
  2. Automatic Announcements – Callers are automatically announced by name when they join the call.
  3. Automatic Summaries – Receive call summary with list of participants and call details.
  4. Call Recording – Included in the YouMail Business Plan is a complete recording of your call to save or share.
How to block robocalls

Making a conference call has never been easier. Start your own conference call by clicking on the YouMail logo in the bottom tab of the YouMail app, click Start Conference, and then tap Join. Its that easy!

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