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It’s no big secret. Having a more relaxed, team based work environment leads employees to feel more like a team player than a worker bee in a hierarchy. Feeling like a team player opens up workers to be more invested in their work and more inclined to take their projects to the next level. So how do you create a culture that will stimulate your team to go the extra mile and be innovative in their own projects?

  1. Be on a first name basis

Size of the company doesn’t matter. Everyone should be on a first name basis no matter the hierarchy. It’s a simple rule but one that will go a long way to make all employees feel more comfortable in their work environment. And being comfortable is necessary for employees to feel able to share their ideas that can grow or improve the company, whether big or small. Bonus tip: Not only be on a first name basis but host activities where your employees can bond and get on a more personal level with each other. Employees will feel more comfortable at work if they know who they are working with.

  1. Invite innovation

If you are a manager, encourage your employees to be the expert of the company for their area. Inspire them to think outside the box, research their project, and test different tools or ways to improve what they’re working on. Having a culture where management empowers employees is a great way for them to want to innovate and do more for their company.

  1. Reward good work

It’s important to recognize the work your employees are putting in and to reward innovations that really help the team and the company. Recognition will make your employees feel valued and will encourage more innovative behavior.

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