new year resolution

We are in countdown to the New Year, and with the New Year comes new beginnings. Have you decided on your New Year’s resolution yet? While you may have personal goals like trying to eat healthy or hitting the gym, don’t forget about your 2017 goals for your business. YouMail wants to help you reach your goals and make it super easy to do so.

Resolution #1: Stay Organized

Organizing messages doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With YouMail you can file away important messages into folders just like with emails. With your iPhone you can even star messages and flag messages on Android so you know which calls need an immediate call back. Keeping your messages and calls organized will be great for your archiving and getting back to callers faster.

Resolution #2: Save Money

Is your small business at the stage where you need to bring in help but not ready to hire an assistant? YouMail Business is a very cost effective option for a virtual receptionist. When you are unavailable to answer a call, YouMail will politely greet your callers by name, transcribe their voicemail, and even send them your digital business card with more information.

Resolution #3: Have Better Relationships with Clients

In a perfect world you would be able to answer every call from a client, but being a busy professional that’s impossible. With YouMail’s Smart Greeting, callers are greeted by their name so even though you miss a call, clients are still receiving a personal touch from you.

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