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U.S. phones continue to be hammered by robocalls. Though call volumes appear to be stabilizing after, YouMail’s Robocall Index™ shows that americans were hit by an estimated 2.37 billion robocalls in November 2016. Though there was a small 4% decrease over October, the report indicates an increase of 141% over the same month last year.

Atlanta continued its reign as ‘America’s #1 Most Robocalled City’ for the 12th month in a row, receiving 106.1 million robocalls during November. Southern states and cities continued to suffer as the areas hardest hit by auto-dialers in November. Texas was slammed with the most robocalls of any state for the sixth consecutive month, with 274.6 million calls received.

Check out the complete analysis of the November Robocall Index to find out top robocallers, top areas most affected by robocalls, and how YouMail is the solution to stop these unwanted callers.

One thought on “The Robocall Epidemic Continues

  1. I downloaded both the Who Are You Caller ID & Block, and the You Mail App. I have a Samsung Note 4 & my carrier is AT&T, which supports the app. Activated the app as instructed, & started getting voice mails as texts as promised, & the Who Are You app automatically blocked calls on the robocall list, & any calls I wanted blocked. Everything seemed fine, & I expected these apps to interfere with other caller ID apps pre-installed on my phone like AT&T’s CALLER ID & BLOCK, & My AT&T VISUAL VOICE MAIL. I started getting concerned b/c when the app was 1st activated, I received maybe 6 voicemails, after that I wasn’t getting any. So I called my AT&T voice mail # just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything, & I DID have messages that did not go to YOU MAIL. Further, my AT&T VISUAL VOICE MAIL no longer worked. Then I started having other issues with my phone, one significant problem, my phone would ring, but no other sound came from my phone. I couldn’t hear callers, I could no longer hear the vm left on YOU Mail, no sound from Utube…So last night, I Uninstaller only the YOU MAIL app, restarted the phone, & now I can hear sound on my phone again. I DID NOT deactivate the YOU MAIL app yet with my carrier, nor did I Uninstaller WHO ARE YOU, which is probably why my AT & T visual voice mail feature is still not working. Before I uninstall the Who Are You app, & deactivate the YOU MAIL app, I would like to give it one more chance. The description as to how the app works is perfect. But the instructions & the customer support is horrible. I sent 3 messages to customer support & never received one single reply, with the exception of a “ticket” had been created, to click here for the “ticket”, but my “ticket” nor answer could be found. I’m using the free app version, as I don’t need it for business purposes, just “keep me from losing my mind” purposes. My phone is almost always connected to my network at home via wifi, & I know I read something about do not try to forward using “wifi calling”, but I have not forwarded the app to another number, nor do I use “wifi calling”, which, unless I’m mistaken, is a feature on my phone, & is NOT the same as connecting my device to my home network so I don’t have to use my cellular data. These are the facts as I know. Can anyone possibly assist me with these issues b4 I just uninstall it? It’s a very powerful apo, & affects too many features on my phone to have it not set up properly, or working properly. One more thing, I also have had True caller installed on my phone for a long time. I don’t know if that causes problems or not. Thank you, CJ

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