Don't Call Me!

U.S. phones continue to be hammered by robocalls. Though call volumes appear to be stabilizing after, YouMail’s Robocall Index™ shows that americans were hit by an estimated 2.37 billion robocalls in November 2016. Though there was a small 4% decrease over October, the report indicates an increase of 141% over the same month last year.

Atlanta continued its reign as ‘America’s #1 Most Robocalled City’ for the 12th month in a row, receiving 106.1 million robocalls during November. Southern states and cities continued to suffer as the areas hardest hit by auto-dialers in November. Texas was slammed with the most robocalls of any state for the sixth consecutive month, with 274.6 million calls received.

Check out the complete analysis of the November Robocall Index to find out top robocallers, top areas most affected by robocalls, and how YouMail is the solution to stop these unwanted callers.

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