custom professional greeting

Whether your callers are your clients or friends, they are sure to be impressed with YouMail’s Smart Greeting that greets callers by name. Well we decided to take your greeting up a notch with YouMail’s new “Custom Professional Greeting” available with the YouMail Business plan. Now you can type a custom greeting in your own words to be recorded by our professional voice talent! Don’t worry, callers will still be greeted by name. YouMail’s Custom Professional Greeting adds a personal and memorable touch for your callers just in case you can’t answer their call.

How to Set Up Custom Professional Greeting?

If you are currently on the business plan you can visit the greetings page on your online account to submit your custom message. Our voice talent will record your greeting and within three business days you will have your brand new professional greeting on your account and set as your default greeting.

Don’t have YouMail Business yet? Click to get the YouMail Business plan. Once you do, you’ll go through a step by step process of all the new features you have including your Custom Professional Greeting.

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