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We’re really happy to see YouMail won a Mobile Star Best of 2017 Mobile Business or Productivity Innovator award.

This means a lot to us, since we focus on useful innovation.  Our top 10 favorite innovations:

  1. bringing cloud-based visual voicemail to the mobile phone
  2. providing high-quality voicemail to text, so people could read their messages
  3. delighting callers with personalized greetings, where users could record and upload different greetings for different people
  4. extending that idea to smart greetings that automatically greet callers by name
  5. providing automatic text message replies, before it was possible to even reply to callers one at a time from a mobile phone.
  6. letting people block calls by fooling unwanted callers, like ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends, into thinking their phones were out of service.
  7. automatically stopping robocalls, by not letting your phone ring when they call, and then getting them to stop calling.
  8. turning your mobile phone number into a conference room, providing free conference calling without the need to remember special phone numbers and pin codes.
  9. allowing extensions on a mobile phone number, letting your cell phone number become the gateway to multiple other phones.
  10. letting people get unlimited numbers of additional phone numbers, just like people have multiple e-mail addresses.

Not bad, eh?

Oh, and a little info on the award itself.   The Mobile Star Awards™ have been given out for 16 years by Mobile Village, a trusted source of mobile tech information and expertise for active, on-the-go professionals.   They are selected by a mix of judges and popular votes.   The goal of the awards to drive mobile products development and marketing by promoting tech innovators and advancing top-tier applications around the world.



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