Audio Fingerprints

At YouMail, our latest patent-pending innovation is called audio fingerprinting.

News 6 in Orlando did a great job explaining to their viewers what it is and why it matters.

What it does is simple.  It lets us quickly compare a new voicemail  against every “bad” voicemail that we’ve ever seen (like those left by robocallers).  When we find a match, we know the number that left it is a bad guy.   So now with a single call leaving a single “bad” message, we can protect our users against all further calls from that number.

That doesn’t solve the robocall problem, but every little bit sure helps!


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6 thoughts on “Audio Fingerprints To The Rescue

  1. Just go to and hit forgot my password – it’ll text you a link to reset it so you can get in the apps and update things. Live Chat us at if you need more help.

  2. I “LOVE” my FREE YouMail!

    I have ‘NO’ problems what so ever!!!

    It took me a short while to figure everything out but now it’s a breeze.

    Thanks YouMail . . . . . . .

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