IRS Scam Robocalls

There is an epidemic of “IRS Scam” robocalls – automatically dialed calls from people claiming to be from the IRS.

The truth is the IRS doesn’t call, so every single one of these is a scam.  And there’s something like 20 million of these IRS scam calls happening each month, like the one’s coming from this number.

It’s become a big enough problem the press is picking up on it, like this great story that recently appeared on the 11pm news on CBS Los Angeles (and even covered YouMail as a solution to stop robocalls like these)!

It is really great to see consumer reporters covering this, since consumers need to be aware of the IRS scam so they don’t get taken by it.  After all, it’s super scary to think that the IRS is calling, you owe money, and you’re going to jail if you don’t pay quickly.   But you can put your mind at ease – it’s just some scammer from out of the country trying to separate you and your money.

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One thought on “IRS Scam Robocalls

  1. They called every day threatening me, I just signed up with you mail today to end this and so many robots, recordings from sales, telemarketing, perverted emails! Thanks

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