Halloween Phone Screens

Skeletons walking around, vampires flying during the day, and that pumpkin spice latte smell in the air? It must be Halloween! Take a look at what we’ve been up to this Spooky Season and stay up-to-date on the most annoying scam of the month.


We’re always working hard in our laboratories to concoct new features and we haven’t slowed down this month. Take a look at what we’ve been brewing up:

Dark Mode
Hiding from the zombie outside or just tired of straining your eyes on the bright light of your phone screen? Get into the spooky spirit with dark mode, now available on iPhone and Android.

After Hours Greeting
“Sorry, John’s Pediatric Practice is now closed. If this is an emergency and your child is turning into a werewolf, press 2.”
Want a message for your callers to hear once you’re closed so they know they’re well taken care of? Set separate days and times that you want your Main and Off Hours Greeting to pick up for you. Learn More


On this day when all sorts of scary monsters come crawling out, it’s important to remember the danger that lurks everyday and preys on innocent victims: scammers. Fight back with a free robocall blocking app that delivers the perfect combo attack: block them from ringing your phone (BAM!) + hit them with a “Number Out of Service” greeting (WHACK!) + stop them from leaving a voicemail (KNOCKOUT!).

After another month of blocking all those annoying robocalls for our YouMailers and tracking them with our Robocall Index, we’re finally ready to announce the winner of the award nobody wants to win:

Scam of the Month goes to…

The Social Security Scam!

The Social Security Scam has been pestering U.S. consumers relentlessly and We. Are.Tired. Of. This. Leaf us alone! Luckily for YouMailers, they don’t have to hear this annoying, yet dangerous message:

“Your social security is suspended as your social has been found committing fraudulent activities…”
See for yourself

When the Monsters Go Back Into Hiding

It’d be nice if tomorrow when all the zombies, vampires, and skeletons go back into hiding the robocall scammers joined them as well, but unfortunately, we doubt that’ll happen.

While we’ve seen some interesting ups and downs with the volumes of robocalls this year, they haven’t dipped below 4.3 billion robocalls a month. Even though the seasons are changing, it looks like robocalls are here to stay…at least for now.

Don’t worry though, YouMail will always be here to fight the good fight with you to block those robocalls from bothering you.

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