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Let’s face it. Robocalls are out of control. People are getting spam calls from unknown numbers all the time, whether it’s telemarketers, debt collectors, or a wide variety of spammers and scammers. Robocalls have invaded our lives to the point that now, we hardly ever answer the phone.

What’s needed is a free call blocker app to keep these annoying spam callers at bay.

The best call blocker apps for Android will do the following:

  1. Block many of these calls automatically
  2. Let you add numbers to a personal blacklist
  3. Tell you when they block a call
  4. Provide you with ways to do reverse phone number lookup

We’re a little biased, but we think YouMail is the best call blocker app for Android because it is:

  • Totally free, forever.
  • Blocks most robocalls automatically.
  • Plays an Out of Service message so they don’t call back.
  • Lets you easily add numbers to the blacklist.
  • Keeps your voicemail inbox clean.
  • Equipped with many options to customize your blocking

As an added bonus, YouMail works by replacing your mobile voicemail, so you get an award-winning, better voicemail service at no cost. This includes voicemails transcriptions, a giant cloud-based inbox, accessible on phone tablet, or your computer, the ability to host conference calls, and so much more.

Stop Robocalls

Oh, and did we mention that YouMail has a directory with over 300 million numbers? Look up phone numbers of missed calls to find names, area, and even actual voicemails that they’ve left. We even help you verify if it’s safe to call that number back or not.

One other really important thing: any call blocking app you pick should also have reviews from a large number of people. You don’t want to trust any app that’s not at least 4 stars and that doesn’t have tens of thousands of reviews. YouMail is a 4.3/5 star app with over 80,000 reviews!

As the Washington Post says,

“I recommend starting with the free YouMail, which won my speed test.”

Congratulations! You now know enough to find the right free robocall blocking app for Android.

Now get to blocking!

How to block calls to your phone

Stop Robocalls forever

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