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One of us got this nice text from Verizon talking about their new Call Filter service, which is supposed to help address the unwanted robocall problem for Verizon users.

Basically, the way it works is similar to ios13’s “send unknown calls to voicemail” feature, except that it tries to be smarter and only detour the bad guys into voicemail.


There’s a problem though. Your voicemail box is going to quickly wind up filling up with a lot of messages from spammers and scammers. That means you have to read through or listen to their messages and then delete them. Yes, your phone didn’t ring, but the problem really isn’t solved for you since the bad guys got through!

How to stop robocalls

Fortunately, YouMail’s app provides the solution. Simply replace your Verizon visual voicemail with the free YouMail app. Our algorithms can determine if a voicemail is bad before putting it in your inbox, and throw it into a spam folder you can look at your leisure (if you like seeing what messages the scammers or spammers leave). Plus you’ll get goodies like a bigger voicemail box, access through the web, having your voicemails e-mailed to you, and much, much more.

Not to mention we block a ton of calls that Call Filter misses.

So Call Filter + YouMail together is a solid call protection solution for Verizon users! Try it out.

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