The robocall problem in the United States is huge, with over 58.5 billion robocalls in 2018, and a current pace to reach 50 billion robocalls in 2020, per the YouMail Robocall Index.   While the pandemic may have slowed calls down, it didn’t make them go away, and they are starting to creep back up.

At YouMail, we decided the best way to help attack this problem is to go beyond just protecting our users to help others protect their users.

A few weeks ago, we announced a partnership to help Avira (one of the world’s largest cybersecurity companies) protect users of its security products and services.   Today, we’re announcing that we’re helping Republic Wireless (a carrier we’ve always admired) protect its users from unwanted and illegal call traffic. 

How it works is very simple. First, Republic Wireless users opt-in to call blocking from dangerous and unwanted spam calls. Then, each time a user gets a call, our best-in-class spam and scam identification is used to decide whether to block the call or let it through. 

One of the coolest things is this: we’ve heard from the folks at Republic Wireless that they are now blocking 4-5 times as many calls as they did before working with us. 

That’s a lot of scammers that aren’t getting through any more, and we’re excited to be helping Republic Wireless make its users much happier.

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