Designer shirts are nice, at least as off-the-rack clothes go. But, if you want to get really technical (and a little snooty) about it, the best clothes are tailored. You’d be forgiven if you forgot that industrialization over the past hundred years or so made the mass production of clothing possible at a scale never seen before in human history. In other words, if a guy on Instagram shows off some Gucci shirt he owns, all he’s really saying is that he can afford it. It’s not like Guccio Gucci himself came to his house and tailored that shirt to his exact specifications. Nope, he simply purchased the same shirt in a medium that any other schmo with $500 in disposable income could have bought. This isn’t a treatise on socioeconomic imbalance; the point is that custom is better than one-size-fits-all. It’s as true in fashion, as it is in wedding vows, as it is in customer service. Doubly so if you are running a small business.

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Customers prefer the personal touch. Regardless of your own communications preference — face-to-face, phone calls, texts, chats — at the end of the day, we all prefer that communication to be with a real live human being. But obviously, growing businesses often find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to having the resources to answer every call. So how do you bridge the gap. You could hire more people to answer your phones but that gets expensive fast. You could outsource a call center, but then there’s so much that can be lost in translation, as well as a real loss of empathy when the people who pick up the phone read from a script instead of having real day-to-day business expertise.

Personalization Works

A clever, entrepreneurial option that you may have yet to consider is custom voicemail greetings. The custom voicemail greeting sits somewhere between real human interaction and simply letting calls go to a generic voicemail. In fact, YouMail’s custom voicemail greetings are quite the unique offering.

With YouMail custom voicemail greetings, you can choose a different greeting for each caller. That means if you’re expecting a call from a VIP — your best client, the vendor you need to get in touch with pronto, or the big prospect you’re hoping to land — you can record a custom greeting in case they come ringing but you simply can’t pick up. And instead of hearing the typical catchall howdy-do, you can address them by name and reference their likely need or issue. Do different clients of yours speak different languages? You can record a greeting in English and another in, say, Spanish.

YouMail can use its massive caller ID database and your address book to generate a custom voicemail greeting that includes the caller’s name. The result sounds just like a live person answered the phone. If YouMail is unable to determine who is calling, the greeting simply won’t include a name. Win-win.

We know that personalization works because studies show that personalized promotional mailings have 29 percent higher unique open rates and 41 percent higher unique click rates than non-personalized mailings. In other words, even in non-personal interactions, such as a voicemail greeting, people are more responsive and engaged when they hear their own name. So by simply referring to your caller by name and perhaps even sprinkling in some relevance to their personalized greeting, you’re likely to dramatically enhance their customer experience. And when you’re a small business or entrepreneur attempting to stand out among a crowded field of competitors, a small touch such as a custom voicemail greeting could push you ahead.

The Smart Choice for Small Businesses

YouMail is really quite unique in its custom voicemail greeting offering. Most carriers offer few options, if any at all. With YouMail, you can choose from three different types of voicemail greetings: smart greetings, personal greetings, and pre-recorded greetings from the free YouMail Greetings Catalog. The catalog contains more than 9,000 sortable greetings spanning 17 different categories, including professional, away messages, and foreign language.

Combined with auto attendant, professional conference calling, robocall blocking, and more, custom voicemail greetings by YouMail can set your small business apart from the competition. Start providing enhanced customer experience that wins new business and leads to long-term partnerships today.

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