Children’s Lego creations are only as good as the parts they have to work with. Sure, creativity goes a long way, but if all your kid has to work with is a bag full of 2×1 slope 45-degree bricks, he or she is not very likely to put together a stunningly realistic rendition of the Taj Mahal. On the other hand, given a 1,500-piece “XXL” builder’s set of bricks, the sky, and their imagination, is the limit. The same applies when building a robocall mitigation application.

In this article, we cover:

If you’re building a robocall mitigation application, the more quality components you have to work with, like an elaborate Lego creation, the better the end product. The key ingredient is data.

Programming your app to stop robocall threats, comply with FCC mandated regulations, and improve customer experience solves a lot of problems. YouMail already provides brand protection services that stop robocallers from abusing brands in their fraud campaigns. Now, with YouMail’s robocall API, you can stop threats, comply with the TRACED Act, deliver better service, and improve customer experience by leveraging the authoritative YouMail Robocall Threat Database. In fact, the YouMail robocall API adds three distinct advantages to a robocall mitigation application:

  1. Real-time robocall blocking — Voice service provider apps gain access to highly accurate reputation scores, indexed by source DID
  2. Know-your-customer verification — Customer DIDs can be monitored and alerts sent when robocall origination occurs
  3. New telephone number scrubbing — Before assigning numbers to customers, service providers can ensure they have clean reputation scores

The YouMail robocall API provides access to a wealth of threat data, including a reputation score for any NANP DID, fraud and telemarketing behavior scores for any NANP DID, enumeration of all campaigns associated with DID, audio recordings of calls originated by high-risk callers, and detailed campaign metrics (date first identified, DIDs, and call volume).

And who better to help network application developers quickly meet stringent new FCC regulations than the leader in brand protection services? YouMail developed its API specifically for service provider applications.

Clear documentation expedites app development. YouMail allows developers to leverage openAPI tools to accelerate projects and simplify the interface using representational state transfer (RESTful API).

A lightweight database allows easy loads into an SBC or other infrastructure. YouMail’s high-performance API gives developers real-time threat blocking with our embedded database license. Database requests can be inserted into your call path without affecting CPS or call set up latency.

YouMail’s self-service portal and APIs also provide on-demand management that allows developers to hit the ground running. All you need to do is simply open an account and then you’re able to immediately begin building.

What Are Brand Protection Services?

Brand protection services prevent bad actors from using your brand in their fraud campaigns. When your brand’s good name is being misused, brand protection services work with carriers and authorities to shut them down.

Such a service should work with the telecommunications companies that carry the calls and analyze metadata to uncover objective evidence that can stop fraud at the source.

AI-powered analytics can be used to detect fraud campaigns that use your brand’s name, no matter their tactics: human or synthesized speech, DID spoofing, variations in campaign duration, frequency, carrier network, or source location.

Brand protection services should provide complete visibility into the brand threat landscape by identifying and classifying fraud campaigns and using metrics to provide insight into campaign activity and reach.

YouMail’s brand protection service does it all and more. We utilize our live call sensor network to provide 360-degree visibility across US carriers to rapidly identify and respond to emerging brand imposters. We also use campaign surveillance and alerting to confirm that your mitigation efforts against specific campaigns are working.

All of our services — including brand protection and robocall API — are borne of our rich database compiled from answering billions of live user calls across all carriers. We are trusted and deployed by major service providers and enterprises, and our data is cited by The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, NPR, and other news outlets.

This is what we do best: continuous monitoring of robocall and human fraud activity, providing brands with detailed intelligence about campaign types, frequency, and sources. There’s no better way to stay ahead of imposter scams than to have YouMail as your eyes and ears on the ground and powering of your robocall mitigation application.

Ready to hit the ground running to build your robocall mitigation app? View our API docs and get your FREE API key right now.

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