Do you ever feel like you chose wrong? Maybe you bought a sportscar right before you started having kids, and now a minivan is looking pretty sweet. Perhaps you chose one video gaming console just before the best game of all time came out exclusively on another. It’s a bit of a case of “the grass is always greener on the other side,” which is to say that it never feels like there’s an absolutely correct choice. And then there are catchall solutions. Porsche sells a four-door luxury car and an SUV. Lamborghini even makes its own SUV, if you’d dare call a $200,000-plus vehicle a “solution.” And for gamers, Microsoft now let’s you play a great deal of games on any of its consoles, any Windows PC, and even iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. It doesn’t happen often, but when technology loses the walled gardens and allows people more choices, it’s a beautiful thing.

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Speaking of iPhones and Android devices, do you remember that funny little legacy thing they do besides deliver in the palms of our hands the internet, social media, gaming, driving directions, smarthome access, smartcar access, and holy moly, how soon until they’re able to fly us to the moon? Oh that’s right, these devices also receive telephone calls. How droll!

Well, whereas choosing Team Android or Team Apple often feels like marrying into the Hatfields or McCoys, there are still some apps that bridge the divide. One such mobile-OS-agnostic app happens to be quite the killer app for making it much more bearable every time your device rings: YouMail.

It turns out that nearly 50 percent of calls people receive are unwanted. Even worse, of the 4.2 billion robocalls placed last month (in July of 2021), 37 percent were categorized as scams and 25 percent were categorized as telemarketing. That’s 62 percent — or roughly 2.6 billion calls total or about eight calls per American per month — that you definitely don’t want to answer. Another 14 percent of robocalls in July were classified as payment reminders. If you don’t particularly like being hounded by creditors for payment, that adds another 588 million calls Americans weren’t exactly psyched to get last month.

So how do you opt-out of all this junk?

YouMail Is That Service

Sorry to say, the National Do Not Call Registry isn’t much help. Robocallers and telemarketers run that stop sign every single day without ever looking back. The government and FCC have begun to throw up some roadblocks to deter number-spoofing robocallers, but those efforts are still in their relative infancy. If you want relief now, you need a call blocker. And not just any old call blocker, like the baked-in “block” button that you manually hit after you take a robocall attack right in the chops. Fortunately, there are third-party solutions that offer much more effective and elegant defenses.

YouMail call blocker is that service because we’ve created a virtual Rolodex of millions of unwanted callers. These numbers include scammers, telemarketers, spammers, and debt collectors. When a number that’s on our list (or on your own personal list of callers you’d like blocked), your phone won’t ring. Those toxic callers are completely blocked and unable to even leave a voicemail.

And how do we know which numbers to put on our list? Excellent question!

YouMail protects more than 350 million phone numbers. We’ve answered well over 10 billion calls and stopped over one billion robocalls. That kind of volume isn’t achievable if you’re servicing only one side of the Apple/Android divide. To provide the world’s best call blocking service, it begins with unrivaled data — the most comprehensive database of schemers, hucksters, and ne’er-do-wells around.

Next, you need innovation because as much as we despise them, we have to admit that fraudsters are a resilient bunch.

YouMail’s unique technology convinces telemarketers and scammers that your phone is disconnected by playing a “number out of service” message. This simple measure removes your number from their calling lists forever. Our call blocking tech even protects your voicemail box, so if an unwanted caller somehow does make it through your first line of defense, we make sure any voicemail they leave goes directly into a spam folder.

The benefits of using YouMail range beyond call blocking. We also provide more accurate caller ID, custom voicemail greetings, excellent visual voicemail, and more for free. Best of all, we don’t expect you to play the fanboy game with your device of choice. Have an iPhone? Download the app from the App Store. Have an Android device in your pocket? Download it from Google Play. We’re here to help you and stop unwanted callers dead in their tracks. Now, let’s get started.

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